Open Tryouts – January 2023

Open Tryouts – January 2023

We are very excited to tell you that new players will soon be joining the team. The registration for the Tryouts has been opened and will take place at Hofstra Bubble on January 16th at 5 PM. All those who have the desire to participate in the UPSL and all the competitions coming in 2023 can register now. 

As many already know, this year Renegades will be playing the UPSL Premier and many other top tournaments such as the Delaware Cup. The UPSL and Delaware awaits us and that is why we have to be physical and mentally prepared.

These tryouts will cost 25 usd and can be paid through Zelle, Venmo or cash during the day of Tryouts. If you decide to pay by Zelle, you have to transfer the money to this number, (917) 592-2199, with your name on the subject. If you would pay by Venmo, you have to transfer the money to this user name, @Boris-Linares-1, with your name on it. Remember, if you want to pay cash in the day of the tryouts, you have to previously register yourself sending a message to our instagram page or our coaches pages. 

Advice… Don’t rest, every day we have more registrations and fewer places available. Do not wait and register now, the renegades family awaits you.