Renegades FC is not just a men’s soccer team. Women are very important to our institution and they have made us look fantastic in all the tournaments we have been to. They are very passionate about soccer and carry soccer in their blood. In the last few years we began to give more chances to this team and the results were incredible. We are very happy to have them and you would have the opportunity of seeing them more since important tournaments are coming where once again these fighters will have the chance to prove that they are the best.

During 2022 they obtained plenty of trophies in different tournaments and left Renegades FC in a great position. That is why we will always keep everyone in mind and we will always want the best for each of you.


Renegades FC team B is the engine of this whole project. It is where players are given opportunities to show themselves and give their best. It is the first step to the jump to the high competitions. Every player in team B has a desire to compete for a place in team A and the coaches know it. Both Boris and David give the same importance to team B as team A. They do not miss any of the matches and if they can, they enroll them in the same leagues so players know the difficulty that they would face if they are promoted.

Team B is currently competing in the Long Island International Soccer League. Team A is also active in that league. This is just to give space and filming to the players of team B so they can make the jump. This team is very close and they are always supporting each other to reach the dream of passing to team A. This team is the engine so that team A does not relax and know that under each of them there are other warriors fighting every minute for their spot. This is key for Renegades F.C. to be so successful.