NYRFC Rayelo Cup champions once again

NYRFC Rayelo Cup champions once again

When the draw for the Rayelo Cup was made, Renegades was the team with the hardest way to be a champion. We were on the side of Death, having to face extremely powerful teams from New York. Do you think that Renegades F.C. was afraid of this? No way, as it characterizes us, we became stronger.

After a very tough first match, in which we stayed with one player less in the first half and we had to endure to take the 3 points, we had to face Vista Hermosa. Yes, the team full of stars. Do you know what the differential was to win 5 to 2 that semifinal? Teamwork. If there’s one thing Renegades is known for, it’s how we play as a team. No matter who is on the field, we will always push to the same side, with beautiful soccer and desire of winning. That made us a lot stronger and so it was on the scoreboard.

Last stop, Countor United F.C. The big favorite, that was what everyone was saying before the final. We changed everyone’s mind. Once the 90 minutes were over, nobody could believe how we had not won the Match being so superior to our rival. Finally, soccer did justice and after a great series of penalties, Renegades F.C. is RAYELO CUP CHAMPION. Renegades F.C. conquers New York City again and we were in everyone’s conversations.

Extremely deserved this tournament! Congratulations to all and we go for many more!