Getting Ready – Pre-season

Getting Ready – Pre-season

They will have to make a big effort to beat us!

Renegades F.C. already started the pre-season with all the energy put into what’s coming. This team, led by David Lawrence, has many challenges and goals ahead of it. We want to start the UPSL league in the best conditions. 

One of the best things about our team is that during this demanding pre-season we are playing important competitions. This is completely in our favor because: 

  • Coaches can see a lot of players facing real challenges
  • The competition always keeps players active and keeps them focused. 
  • You can see how players evolve over the weeks, this is crucial.

We will always stand out from the rest, and while others are playing friendly in their preseasons, this gladiator team is in the playoffs and finals of highly demanding top leagues. This is the Renegades F.C. model. They could try to imitate us but they would never be us. We are always ready to raise the bar. Always at the top.