DIAZA is family

DIAZA is family

Diaza is already part of our Family.

We are pleased to share with you that Diaza F.C. is our new team sponsor. They’re the ones who made us the amazing jerseys that we are currently wearing. They are comfortable shirts, and that adapt to the demands of the sport. If you don’t believe us you can ask our stars who are extremely happy with the change of dress.

The president of Diaza is an excellent businessman and also part of the A team of Renegades F.C. Every merchant has a passion and Diego’s is football and he does it excellently. But the most important thing is how he manages his company and the values it possesses. He is responsible for outfitting Renegades and a bunch of other teams around the world. 

If you want to visit their website you can do so through this link

We want to thank Diego and all his team for making with so much passion and so much love the jerseys of our team that we will defend with our lives.